Fabric Knot Bead Necklaces

Knot necklace, fabric necklace, knotted necklace, fabric beads. A last-minute Christmas gifts.
I saw a friend of mine wearing a necklace made of fabric knotted around chunky beads, and thought, I could make that! So I did.
I like that it’s chic and intriguing without looking overly crafty.
They are so quick and easy and add a burst of color to any outfit.
It works well to dress up a plain shirt or add interest to a winter sweater.
For this necklace the length of my fabric is 110-150 cm and the finished knotted fabric section of this necklace is 45-55cm. You could do longer or shorter depending on the length of your desired necklace and the size of your beads.
Start by cutting your fabric into one strip 10cm (4 in.) wide and 1.5 meters (59 in.) long.
Fold Fabric in Half
Sew a Seam
Turn the fabric tube inside out; you should have a tube of fabric with the correct side of the fabric facing outwards and the seam hidden inside.
Knot one end- leave about 35cm (13 in.) from one end of the tube and make a firm knot
Slip a Bead in the Tube
Make another firm knot after it to keep it in place.
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