Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY

You want to try to find non-toxic, natural materials
– Unfinished wooden beads in ¾ and 1.
– Cotton yarn. I used Lily Sugar N Cream yarn.
– Size 2.25mm/ US B-1 Crochet Hook
– Tapestry needle

For crochet tube I use Chain Loop Mesh Stitch
This lacy stitch is a open crochet stitch made with loops of chains. It is very easy to crochet. You just need to know the chain and single crochet stitch.
This project is very quick to do, it can easily be finished in 10-20 minutes and looks great. Customize it and make it your own necklace to suit any occasion!
Chain 4, slip stitch to join and form a ring.
Round 1
* ch 3, 1 sc under chain ring *, repeat 3 times, ch 3, 1 sc into first chain space, so you have a 5 chain space in round.

Round 2
In the second and following rows, you’ll make a single crochet in each ch-3 space.
* ch 3, 1 sc into next 3-chain space *, repeat 3 times, ch 3, 1 sc into first chain space, so you always have a 5 3-chain space in round.
Repeat row 2 until your tube measures the desired length.
Now you see making crocheted mesh is one of the easiest crochet techniques —plus it works up really quickly.
 Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY tutorial

Make sure to measure and have enough room to drop the wooden bead.

Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY tutorial
Now it’s time to pull the thread through all beads.

Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY tutorial IMG_5181-1

For extra security I strung my beads on a chain tail, but you can braid your yarn or use ribbon.

Drop beads down through the hole at the top.Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY tutorial IMG_5188-1

Crochet another chain tail to make knots between the beads.

 Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY tutorial
Crochet Nursing Teething Necklace DIY tutorial IMG_5203-1

Tie the ends.
You can tied a toggle clasp on the ends of necklace but this isn’t safe if you are using this as a teether. You can always just leave the necklace extra long and tie it around your neck when you want to wear it. Or leave it tied because it should be long enough to slip over your head.

I think I might even wear my new necklace as a stylish accessory!

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