Crochet Cowl Neckwarmer Free Pattern

This beautiful cowl is crocheted using a blue, light grey and red wool acrylic blend yarn. Free pattern.
Size: crochet cowl diameter 65 cm/25.6”, height 32/12.6”
Yarn: thick thread, hook 6.5 mm/ US K 10 1/2

Chain loosely for desired length.
1-14 and 19-29 rows back loop single crochet stitch
“Back loop single crochet” is a variation of single crochet stitch. As the name suggests, you achieve this look by working your single crochets through the back loops only.
When you flip it like this, it looks and performs a bit more like ribbed knitting, with the stretch going in the same direction that you’d expect from a knitted rib.
Finishing: reverse sc.
Photographs SachaPatterns
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