Knit Fingerless Mittens in Blue Green Wool




Knit fingerless gloves.
This is a great pair of blue green fingerless gloves knitted of Argentinean pure wool.
They are perfectly fitted around the arm and hand, but have significant stretch to comfortably fit any hand/arm size.
Suitable for large hands. Bright. Cheerful. Funny.
These gloves are made from pure wool yarn and they are warm and cozy. Pure wool cure arthritis and relieve pain.
These mittens are so practical because you can text, type, or drive with them due to them being fingerless.
Size: One size fits all.
Length: 19 cm (4.48″)
Packaged and ready to ship!
Care Instructions: To care for your sleeves: hand wash in cool water with mild soap, wrap in a towel to absorb excess water, then lay flat to air dry.