Infinity Pashmina Scarf, Teal Loop Scarf




Scarf, infinity pashmina of high quality fabric scarf, teal/emerald neckwarmer, fall autumn fashion, loop scarf, Christmas gifts idea.
This wonderful circle infinity scarf is perfect for just about any occasion.
This infinity scarf is made of teal pashmina fabric .
Will be an indispensable accessory. Pashminas also make the perfect gift for all seasons and reasons. This autumn – winter scarf is made of 100% Acrylic Pashmina soft fabric.
This scarf has been sewn with a double layer, so the patterns are on both side, no raw edges and no open seams.
Length: circle 32.6″
Width: 13.8″ (circle 27″)
This item is ready to ship and will be shipped out within 1-2 days of receipt of payment.
*Friday night orders and Saturday orders are sent Monday morning.
This soft textured scarf, gorgeous color, and daily use provides a great combination.

Infinity Pashmina Scarf -Loop Circle Scarf, Teal Neckwarmer
Infinity Pashmina Scarf -Loop Circle Scarf, Teal Neckwarmer