Crocheted Buttons Barefoot Sandals Pattern Easy DIY

If you know how to make a chain in crochet you can make this. I have a lot of this gorgeous thread buttons.
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, at the time, but when I saw other crochet barefoot sandals I was inspired!
Pattern Details:
Category: Crocheting
Type: Accessory
Skill Level: Beginner
Basic Skills Necessary: You need to know how to chain only.
Crocheted Barefoot Buttons Sandals DIY Pattern Easy
thread crochet
thread crochet hook

Barefoot sandals pattern

First knot your thread, and chain 32.
Fold your cord, slip in 32 chain (after half and tie a knot in the looped end).
Chain 25 for buttons and chain apr. 120 for cord. Do this until your cord is as long as you want it to be!
Now, begin threading the cord through your button holes.
You might also want to thread your button onto one piece of cord then knot, like this:
Crocheted Barefoot Buttons Sandals DIY Pattern Easy
Attached yarn to the other corner and make 120 chains.
And that’s it! All you have to do it make another one, and you will have your own pair of barefoot sandals. These are really easy and quick to make, so you can have a pair in every color!
Crocheted Barefoot Buttons Sandals DIY Pattern Easy


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