Free tutorial pompon making

Recently, I fell in love in making pompon.
It is easy to make and fun, most importantly the possibility of coming up with various adorable things is unlimited and I started to crave making all kinds of things I could possible think of.
This is the best tutorial I’ve found for pom poms.
I would like to share with you free tutorial pompon making what I found in the site
Here the author shows how to make the pompom with original drawing.
And other free pattern I found in the site
It’s easy and classic.

 Free tutorial pompon making, pom poms, pom pon
 Free tutorial pompon making, pom poms, pom pon

 Free tutorial pompon making, pom poms, pom pon

Knitted scarf free pattern

Found on the Internet a beautiful scarf.Simple design, easy to knit. I liked, I think you will like it too.

No detailed instructions, scheme only.

The scarf is big; I think it is necessary 250 g of yarn.

 Knitted scarf free pattern Knitted scarf free pattern Knitted scarf free pattern Knitted scarf free pattern Knitted scarf free pattern

Images are excerption from the article

Knitting rib hat free pattern

Knitting rib hat free pattern

This entire pattern is designed in a single rib stitch. It is a simple enough technique for beginning knitters to tackle, though it is a perfect project for more intermediate knitters. Keep in mind that this hat stretches, so the finished product may look narrow, but it is designed to stretch to fit.
This hat is stretch, Will stretch to fit head circumference of 20″-22″ (24″)
US Size 8 two knitting needles
Approx 18 st = 4″ in 2 x 2 ribbing
To knit hat:
Cast on 76 (80) stitches
Work *(K2, P2), rep * until end – this is 2 x 2 ribbing
Work in 2 x 2 ribbing till piece measures 9″ (10″) from beginning, ending with WS.
Decrease Part:
R1: *(K2, P2tog), rep *until end – 57 (60) st remain.
R2: *(K1, P2), rep * until end.
R3: *(K2, P1), rep * until end.
R4: *(K1, P2), rep * until end.
R5: *(K2tog, P1), rep * until end – 38 (40) st remain.
R6: *(K1, P1), rep * until end.
R7-8: Rep R6
R9: *(K2tog), rep * until end.
Cut yarn, leaving a tail of about 18″. Weave through remaining stitches, removing stitches from knitting needle. Draw up tightly and sew up seam. Weave in loose ends.
p = purl
k= knit
k2tog= knit
2 stitches together
You will be surprised at how easy it was to knit this pattern… esp since it look so fancy.
I love the color, too.
Happy knitting!

PDF free pattern: Bee stitch

How I knit slippers

how knit slippers
I like knit socks and slippers. In this slippers I use double knitting wool (used two strands at once) – or any thick yarn that will give the required gauge.
Knitting needles n 9.
How to knit slippers
CO 32 sts.
1st Row – K (right side= RS)
2nd Row – K10, P1, K10, P1, K10 (wrong side= WS)
Repeat these two rows until piece measures 6 inches.
On WS – P11, K10, P11
On RS – K
Repeat these two rows for 3 ½ inches.
You should now have a rectangle. Leave about 24 inches of yarn to sew seam and cut. Thread through tapestry needle and slip the stitches with the tapestry needle. Tighten to bring all the stitches together tightly.
Sew the top of the slipper (the 3 ½ inches of stockinette stitch).
Remember to sew from the right side of your work; you get a nicer/neater looking finish that way.
Sew back of slipper.
You are done.
K- Knit
P- Purl
K2T- Knit 2 together.

How I knit neck warmer Victorian Steam punk style, tutorial

So it’s kind of the wrong season for most of the world to be thinking about warm wooly hand-knits, but it was chilly here yesterday and I was knit neck warmer and took photos of mi knitting.
You can see it here in a section of scarves section of scarves (cowl, neck, scarf).
Here my photo tutorial: Knit and crochet decorated neck warmer scarf collar. This is a neck warmer with a lot of presence but not a lot of weight. It fits well underneath my winter coat.
This knit cowl is perfect way to stay warm during cold days. It will look great under or over the coat. Made from green acrylic yarn decorated with yarn of gray color and finished with crochet flower. Two buttons attached.
It’s a nice little project that you can knit up in a day or two.
Perfect as a gift or keep it for yourself to keep you warm.
How to knit a neck warmer: knit neck warmer pattern tutorial

Knit neck warmer pattern tutorial
Knit neck warmer pattern tutorialKnit neck warmer pattern tutorialKnit neck warmer pattern tutorial