Crocheted Buttons Barefoot Sandals Pattern Easy DIY

If you know how to make a chain in crochet you can make this. I have a lot of this gorgeous thread buttons.
I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, at the time, but when I saw other crochet barefoot sandals I was inspired!
Pattern Details:
Category: Crocheting
Type: Accessory
Skill Level: Beginner
Basic Skills Necessary: You need to know how to chain only.
Crocheted Barefoot Buttons Sandals DIY Pattern Easy
thread crochet
thread crochet hook

Barefoot sandals pattern

First knot your thread, and chain 32.
Fold your cord, slip in 32 chain (after half and tie a knot in the looped end).
Chain 25 for buttons and chain apr. 120 for cord. Do this until your cord is as long as you want it to be!
Now, begin threading the cord through your button holes.
You might also want to thread your button onto one piece of cord then knot, like this:
Crocheted Barefoot Buttons Sandals DIY Pattern Easy
Attached yarn to the other corner and make 120 chains.
And that’s it! All you have to do it make another one, and you will have your own pair of barefoot sandals. These are really easy and quick to make, so you can have a pair in every color!
Crocheted Barefoot Buttons Sandals DIY Pattern Easy


Crochet Crown Tiaras Patterns— Princess or Prince Baby Crowns — Gifts shop blog

Once upon a time there were adorable little Prince and Princess. And every royal infant needs his or her own crown. So their loving mom made a couple of beautiful crochet tiaras for newborns and shared these patterns with me.

These fast and easy patterns are made like a ribbon and tied in the back for the perfect fit for any age from newborn to toddler. You can use this crown headband as a baby hat decoration as well.
These crowns are very easy to crochet – just a few rows. Skill level – EASY (crochet is fun, yay! 🙂 If you have basic crochet skills as chains, single and double crochet, you can make this stylish baby crown.

You can make crown of any size using description in this pattern: a small crown for a newborn or a large crown headband for an older kid as a Christmas gift or as a part of Halloween costume. You can crochet crowns for your pet or even your daughter’s dolls!

Crochet crown is a lovely girl’s birthday gift because every girl should feel like a Princess at least once in her life! And it’s great when baby feels LOVE and CARE coming from mom or grandma!
Adjustable royal crown is a great gift for baby shower or a nice prop of newborn photo shoot. For instance I haven’t enough time to crochet baby blankets for all my friends’ children but I can easily make crochet baby crown as a simple and very cute gift!

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Prince Crochet Newborn Crown

I’d recommend to use baby yarn with acrylic blend to add elasticity and softness to crochet crown. You can make summer headband with simple chains strings at the ends using cotton yarn and this pattern.

Crochet tiara is a lovely birthday gift for all little queens or kings! Wearing this beautiful crown your little one immediately turns into a real princess or prince!
You can make many of them in different color as a birthday party favors for your little friends.

Also this simple and beautiful crown is a great playtime or costume accessory for any special occasion: Christmas, birthday party or even wedding and Halloween.
You can give the tiaras a special touch by adding sparkly beads while crocheting or embellish crown with pearls, rhinestones, buttons etc if you’d like to.
Celebrate in style with this elegant crown – your little one will look like royalty!

After purchasing my patterns you will receive:

1) Colorful row-by-row diagram.

2) Abbreviation key with brief descriptions of the stitches in US terms.

3) Detailed written instruction including tips on how to adjust pattern for different sizes.

4) Description of necessary supplies and a great customer support for SashaPatterns!


Baby Crown on

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Free Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns

This is a simple crochet baby blanket. I like that there are no obvious rows or lines as happens with single or double crochet. Switching them up in this pattern blurs the lines and produces a lovely thick fabric with a wonderful drape.

Download This Pattern!
PDF file

baby blankets, crochet baby blanket, baby blanket, how to crochet a blanket , crochet blanket patterns,
My sample blanket is 30 inches square. You could make yours a bit longer — around 34 inches long — if you prefer.

Skill Level: Beginner – Easy
USA Format
Seed stitch

Row 1:
Ch an odd number of sts, sc in 2nd
ch from hook, dc in next ch, [sc in next ch,
dc in next ch] across, turn.
Row 2:
Ch 1, sc in first dc, dc in next sc,
[sc in next dc, dc in next sc] across, turn.
Rep row 2 for pattern.

baby blankets, crochet baby blanket, baby blanket, how to crochet a blanket , crochet blanket patterns,

ch. Chain
sl st. Slip Stitch
sc. Single Crochet
dc. Double Crochet
rpt. Repeat

crochet baby blanket patterns , free baby crochet patterns, easy crochet baby blanket, crochet blankets, baby blanket patterns, baby blanket crochet pattern,

baby blankets, crochet baby blanket, baby blanket, how to crochet a blanket , crochet blanket patterns,

Easy Crochet Blanket Pattern

Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern for Beginners
Buy in for $3 only!
If you’re new to the world of crochet, you might be a little intimidated when it comes to crochet blanket patterns.

It is project for newbie crocheters, crochet blanket patterns for beginners.
I hope you enjoy creating this Newborn Blanket for someone in your life.

You can use fun colors, yellow here, to inject some life and energy into your blanket.

You can make baby blankets for a shower or Afghans for Christmas – everyone loves handmade items.
Handmade baby crochet blanket patterns are often the most meaningful because they can be passed down from generation to generation.

I hope you enjoy creating this Newborn Blanket for someone in your life.

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Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern for Beginners

Crochet Heart Doily Free Pattern DIY

Crochet Heart Doily Free Pattern DIY
Cute, and easy enough to make crochet heart doily free pattern.

Add a finishing touch to your home décor with this beautiful doily.

This doily is a great gift for someone dear to your heart! It will look beautiful on a side table or on your dresser, decorating a girl’s room of any age.

Gauge: Gauge is unimportant for this pattern. I like to crochet the hearts with a small hook so they are rigid and there are no big gaps between the stitches; if you prefer a looser, floppier heart, use a G or H hook instead.

Yarn: You can use skein remnants of any yarn.

Hook that gives you a fabric you like.

Suggested colors: red and any contrast color.

US crochet terms are used.
The chart

Crochet Heart Doily Free Pattern DIY


Doily Free Crochet Pattern Instruction:

Row 1

Make 8 chains of red color and join with 1 triple crochet into the first chain to make a ring. Turn the work.

Row 2

Chain 8, join with 1 trc into the triple crochet of the Row 1.

Make 1 trc into the fifth chain of the Row 1 (now you have 4 chains of the Row 1 between two trc of the Row 2), chain 4 and join 1 trc the fifth chain of the Row 1 (the same chain as previous trc). Turn the work.

Row 3 – Row 7

Chain 8. Follow the chart to crochet Rows 3 – 7.

Join the chains with sc in the middle of Row 7. Finish the row with a slip stitch.

Row 8

Crochet sc around the work (5 sc in each arc space and about 10-12 sc around the Row 1 corner). Finish Row 8 with a sl st.

Row 9

Change the yarn color, chain 1 and follow the chart.

Crochet arcs of 5 ch and sc around the work; add one arc of 3-4 ch around the Row 1 corner. Finish Row 9 with a sl st.

Row 10

Chain 1 and crochet sc and picot around the work (3 sc, 1 picot, 3 sc in each arc space). Finish Row 10 with a sl st.

After you finish Row 10, soak crochet in water, stretch to the size desired and dry flat.

Break yarn, weave in ends.

If you used cotton thread you can stiffen the crochet with starch.

Crochet Heart Doily Free Pattern DIY


ch chain

ch-sp chain space

dc double crochet

sc single crochet

sl st slip stitch

st stitch

tr triple (treble) crochet

I hope you enjoy yourselves with this tutorial and making these hearts and I really hope that it’s clear, easy to understand.

This pattern is the sole property of and and is copyright protected ©2014.
You may not sell or reproduce this pattern. You may sell items made from this pattern. All photos are used with permission and protected by copyright. You may not use my photos sell your finished product.

If you plan on using my material in another blog, I’d be delighted, but please notify me before you do so and, of course, link back to me.

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Crochet Heart Doily Free Pattern DIY

Knitting Pattern for Gray Cable Hat Slouchy, PDF Knit Hat Pattern

 knitting pattern for gray cable hat slouchy, pdf  knit hat pattern

If you know the knitting basics, you can make this hip and warm Slouchy Hat for yourself, your family members, or as a wonderful gift. All you need is a couple of hours, knitting needles and yarn of your choice.

Eye-catching but not distracting, it’s the perfect addition to a funky outfit. You bring your individuality and style, and will bring texture and warmth.

Knitting pattern for hat slouchy. Knit pattern in PDF file.
Base knowledge in knitting is necessary.
Skill Level: Intermediate

Slouchy hat knitted on two needles.
Chunky USA Yarn, Weight Category: 5 4.00 oz./113 g (155 yd/141 m)

Total Yardage Required: Approximately 170 g/6,18 oz

Needles: 6mm/US 10 two straight needles

Gauge: 13 sts and 17 rows = 4 inches in stocking stitch.

Size: This knit hat best fits an average adult and teen head of 22 – 24 inches in circumference. We can easily customize it to fit other sizes as well!
You will receive this PDF pattern with 24 hours after you paid.
You will need adobe reader to view this pattern.

Please note:
** This pattern is for personal use only and may not be distributed in any form.
Knitting Pattern Hat Slouchy, PDF Knit Hat Pattern N39
 knitting pattern for gray cable hat slouchy, pdf  knit hat pattern

Craft: Knitting.

Have a look all knitting patterns knitting patterns in blog.

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Infinity Scarf Sewing Pattern

   infinity scarf sewing pattern, loop scarf
This scarf is sold here Infinity Pashmina Scarf
Today I have an infinity scarf pattern for you. It’s a great beginner project and only takes 30 minutes to make.
I made a bunch of these for Christmas gifts this last and they were a big hit.
You can use any light-weight fabric for the infinity scarf.
Use whatever you like and whatever makes you feel fabulous!
Get creative and make it your own!
Materials Needed:
• Fabric Length: 65″ Width: 27″
• Scissors
• Sewing machine
• Thread
• Hand sewing needle
• Iron and ironing board
1. Select your fabric. Cut your fabric in half lengthwise so that it measures approximately length: 65″ width: 27”. I leave the selvage on the fabric as this will be hidden on the inside of the scarf.
2. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and pin right sides together (so that the pattern is on the inside). You will have a long rectangle of fabric.
3. Sew along the length of your infinity scarf where you just pinned. Make sure you just sew along the length of the fabric, don’t do anything with the ends yet. When you are done you will have a very long tube.
4. Lay your scarf on your ironing board with the seam in the middle of the scarf. Using the tip of your iron press open the seam.
5. Flip your scarf so that it is right side out.
Reach inside the tube from one end and grab the other end. Start pulling the scarf inside itself with right sides together.
6. Fold you infinity scarf in half so that the two open ends are laying on top of each other.
With the two ends of your scarf in your hands find the seam that you just pressed open.
Pinch together so that the seams are lined up and the right side of the fabric is facing each other. Pin.
7. Start stitching around the circle leaving a half inch seam allowance.
This should leave you a couple of inches to flip the scarf back right side out and hand stitch the remainder.
8. Tuck the raw edges inside the hole and pinch together.
You can stitch it closed using a hand slipstitch, or you can edge stitch it on the machine using matching or invisible thread.
Once you’ve closed all the openings, press your infinity scarf and your new accessory is complete!
Is just a round tube of fabric that you can loop around several times to add an instant pop of color to any outfit.
Your infinity scarf or loop scarf is ready to wear! It’s a nice versatile accessory for spring, and it also makes a great gift for all ages. Double it up or just wear it long for a different look
Wearing your infinity scarf: When I first tried on my infinity scarf I had the scarf laying flat.
Make sure that your scarf doesn’t lay flat. Pull the two sides of the tube away from each other and fluff it up so it gives a fuller appearance. Loop it around your neck twice and puff up if necessary.   infinity scarf sewing pattern, loop scarf   infinity scarf sewing pattern, loop scarf
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Teal Infinity Scarf Pashmina Circle Scarf – Christmas Gifts Idea

Very good fashion idea and Christmas Gifts Idea.

Scarf, infinity pashmina of high quality fabric scarf, teal neckwarmer, fall autumn fashion, loop scarf, Christmas gifts idea.

This wonderful circle infinity scarf is perfect for just about any occasion.

This infinity scarf is made of teal pashmina fabric with silk decoration application.

Will be an indispensable accessory. Pashminas also make the perfect gift for all seasons and reasons. This autumn – winter scarf is made of 100% Acrylic Pashmina soft fabric.

This scarf has been sewn with a double layer, so the patterns are on both side, no raw edges and no open seams.

This soft textured scarf, gorgeous color, and daily use provides a great combination.

Buy scarf on Infinity Pashmina Scarf
pashmina scarf, infinity scarf, loop scarf, fabric scarf

Gold Owl Necklace and Four Leaf Clover Pendant Necklace

The value of great accessories, especially necklaces should never be underestimated.

Our range of necklaces has a wide variety of styles to choose from, so peruse our catalogue of accessories to find a necklace which will be a stunning addition to your fashion forward wardrobe.
When an outfit feels bare or not quite complete, necklaces are the key to rounding out your look. Whether it’s chunky, oversized styles or thin, understated ones you want, you’ll find a big range of necklaces.

New gold necklaces in :

Gold Owl Necklace

 owl pendant necklace, owl pendant, owl necklaces, gold owl

Beautiful gold owl necklace with delicate chain. This is a gold plated owl pendant hanging from gold plated chain.

The design of the owl is adorable and the pendant is very rich looking because of its 22k gold plating with cubic zirconia eyes.

Owl pendant measures = 8mm x 12mm (approximately 1/2 inch in long).

Gold plated chain and clasp total length 18″, you may choose any length up to 20″ in no additional charge. After 20 inches there will be an additional charge.

Please let me know if you would like your chain shorter or longer in PayPal order.

It is finished off with a gold plated lobster clasp.

Lucky Clover Necklace

 clover necklace, gold clover, clover pendant, four leaf clover necklace

Beautiful, delicate clover necklace. Lucky clover charm hangs from a delicate gold plated chain. This lovely modern style gold plated 4 leaf clover necklace is so fun!

Pendant charm finished with Cubic Zircornia center.

This is a thin gold plated (24K) necklace with gold plated little flower.

Chain closes with gold plated lobster clasp.

The necklace measures 18 inches and can be adjusted upon request.

Chain length can be adjusted to 16 or 20 inches at your request for free, just indicate desired length at purchasing.

Our gold necklaces are extremely popular as they’re stylish, sophisticated, and fashionable.

We aim to keep you ahead of the fashion curve and it’s exactly what we believe our range of accessories does.

The sheer beauty and detailing of our gold necklaces will leave your loved ones spellbound!

Choose from the finest gold jewellery – our necklaces are worth your undivided attention!

And don’t forget to check out the rest of our fine jewelry on